About Women IN

There has never been a better time to be a Woman who is in. Whether you are a business owner, or your focus is within a particular vocation or your a leader in the industry, WOMEN IN creates and fosters education through networking, marketing and social platforms. WOMEN IN ultimately targets strong connections to create business growth and success. 

Our WOMEN IN Luncheons focus on an acclaimed speaker who has been hand chosen to educate and enlighten on their certain craft or specialty while everyone enjoys a custom created lunch, just for our event!

WOMEN IN is a network of successful, endering industry leaders who are interesting in creating relationships, growing their business and learning how to foster success through current marketing and sales techniques. 

In between events, WOMAN IN offers business education, support and consistent features to cultivate and produce business growth. 

There are two ways to be apart of WOMAN IN-

Join our Network. Our Yearly Membership offers full access to all that WOMAN IN has to offer. Our monthly newsletter featuring business growth tips and we offer support to help your business thrive. Plus, as a member you are invited to attend up to 4 WOMAN IN Luncheons per year at no cost!

Or Attend our Luncheons- Our WOMAN IN Two and Half Hour Luncheons feature one speaker, an incredible lunch and an opportunity to network with WOMAN IN members! 

To find out more on becoming a Member or attending at luncheon email us at


Photo by llhedgehogll/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by llhedgehogll/iStock / Getty Images